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HDTech Repair

JBL Subwoofer Repair Service

JBL Subwoofer Repair Service

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Service price includes return shipping of the item via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground.

This listing is for a JBL Subwoofer Repair Service to repair the following issues below:

    • Does not turn on
    • Error Light
    • Blown Speaker
    • No Sound
    • Humming 

If you select GET A PREPAID LABEL, shipping will be added to the cost of the repair at check out. 

Once this service is purchased, an email with instructions for sending the unit in will be sent. 

Please ship the unit to the address provided and the unit will be repaired within 7 business days. You will be notified of the eta of a repair within 7 days if parts are not available.

What this service price includes:

1. Diagnosis of the Unit

2. Labor and Parts up to $149

3. Return Shipping of the unit back to you

There is a minimum fee of $60.00 to diagnose your unit one it is shipped in. This amount will go into the total cost of service if the unit is repairable. If the unit is unrepairable due to parts availability or fail to repair issues, the unit will be shipped back to you less the $60.00 diagnosis Fee.

The service fee covers labor to repair the unit. Parts, due to unknown availability will be quoted after the unit has been diagnosed if needed if the cost exceeds service price.

Units that are shipped that are unrepairable due to water damage, burn damage, damage from poor packing will be returned less the $60.00 diagnosis fee.

Units that are shipped that are unrepairable due to water damage, burn damage or have additional issues not listed in the above approved repairable issues will be returned in the same condition.

If you are unsure of your item's reparability, please send a photo and/or video of the issue so that we can help determine this prior to shipping.


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